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Kitty Town Coffee

Kitty Town Coffee - The Fezzik Blend (12oz Ground)

Kitty Town Coffee - The Fezzik Blend (12oz Ground)

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The Fezzik is a delightfully rich and earthy coffee with hints of dark cocoa. This is a full city roast, or a medium-dark. What we love about this roast is that you get all of the rich bold notes from a typical dark roast, with absolutely none of the bitterness. This makes an excellent cup of drip coffee, or try it in your moka pot for a rich espresso!

Coffee Origin: Brazil

Roast: Medium (full city+)

Notes: Nutty, sweet, caramel

Kitty Town Coffee is all about giving back and supporting local animal shelters. Their “Feed the Kitties" program will make donations to the animal shelter of each stockist’s choice. Our sales at Cat on the Corner will support the Columbia-Greene Humane Society.

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